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Blooming From The Ashes

Yeshua Bracelet

Yeshua Bracelet

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✨️Yeshua is a unique name of God (one of many and yet, the most significant) means salvation.✨️

✨️It is only with this understanding that we can recognize Jesus’ Hebrew name throughout the Old Testament. Jesus’ disciples wouldn’t have called Him anything other than Yeshua. And instead of “Jesus Christ”, they’d say Yeshua HaMashiach (Messiah).✨️

✨️Yeshua, the salvation that was brought to the Jews first, was then shared with the whole world. The word Christos is the Greek word for Messiah, which means anointed.✨️

✨️Mashiach (the Hebrew pronunciation of “messiah”) means the Anointed One. In short, Jesus Christ is Yeshua HaMashiach is Anointed Salvation. And in Hebrew, His name looks like this: ישוע המשיח.✨️


✨️Stretchy band✨️Led by the Holy Spirit✨️

✨️Prayed Over & Hand Picked✨️

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